Win: free coffee for a year

Win a free coffee for a year

Today, we hit another modern-day milestone… 4k Twitter followers! Not bad for a local community café in south Belfast!

To celebrate, we want to give one lucky individual FREE COFFEE for a year. Yip, you heard that right. Free coffee. All of 2015.

To enter, all you have to do is upload a picture of yourself enjoying a treat in the café or with one of our takeaway cups, tagging @commongroundsni and with the hashtag #coffeeforayear

For example…

Delicious cappuccino in @commongroundsni. I’d come every day if I was getting free #coffeeforayear

Doesn’t need to be a creepy selfie like the one above, but we’ll not rule them out. You don’t even need to be in it, just in case you’re feeling a bit self-conscious! As long as it’s in the café, or out and about with a drink in one of our cups.

We’ll take entries until 4pm on 24th December (when we take a break for the holidays) and announce the winner on 2nd January 2015 (when we get back to work!)

So get posting!!

Terms and Conditions:
1. We’ll choose the winner out of a hat. Or cup. Or bowl. Or something like that. But it will be fair, and we won’t let anyone who works here win (or their mum), that wouldn’t be cool.
2. You can enter more than once. For example, if you post 5 times, we’ll put your name in 5 times. Up to a limit. Lets make that limit 5. But it needs to be 5 different pictures on 5 different days!
3. We’ll only accept entries that are obviously in the cafe or with our takeaway cup, and where we are tagged and #coffeeforayear is present. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are all acceptable places to post!
4. The winner will be given a lovely re-useable cup for any time they want a takeaway. We don’t want to kill the environment with a load of extra wasted paper cups, so no takeaways without that cup.
5. You can have a latte, cappuccino, americano, filter or espresso. Ah go on, you can even have a tea instead if you like! But you’ll need to pay for any syrups or add ons, we’re not made of money! You can’t swap it for a cold drink, or dessert, or money, or anything else either. Sorry!
6. The free coffees are only for you, not all your mates, little sister, granny and bloke you just met in the library. Again, money doesn’t grow on trees (although I guess coffee kinda does..).
7. 18 years or older to enter!