Generous café refugee volunteers step up to the mark

Dan Black manager with volunteer Stanley Piri

Common Grounds volunteers, who are refugees and asylum seekers, have taken part in running the café for a day – and all the proceeds have been donated to charities working in the developing world.

To celebrate World Refugee Day last year, all our volunteers who are either seeking refugee status or who have obtained it, took to the café floor to run Common Grounds  for the day. And all the earnings – more than £780 – have gone directly to our partnered charities, highlighting just one small part of the positive contribution made by refugees to our local community and the wider world.

Money raised from Movember by café staff, Dan, Steve and Stan, was also included in the donation.“Despite many of them having to cope with difficult situations, they put the needs of others before themselves”

Café Manager Daniel Black said:

We really appreciate our wonderful volunteers who have come here to seek a better way of living. They work alongside our staff – generously giving their time and energy – to help make Common Grounds a success.

“Despite many of them having to cope with difficult situations, they put the needs of others before themselves.

“We hope that the café continues to be a safe place for them – a place where they are welcomed and have a sense of belonging.”

For the past 10 years, Common Grounds Café has given away all its profits to nominated charities working in the developing world – totalling more than £60,000.

The two nominated charities who benefitted from the World Refugee Day and Movember donation are Camara and Partners Relief. Camara aims to transform education using technology to empower disadvantaged students in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Haiti. Partners Relief is to committed to helping children affected by conflict and oppression in Myanmar.